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Leading independent voice, analyst, end-user HRM business/delivery system strategy consultant, vendor HR technology/HRO business strategy/platform architecture/object model consultant, and thought leader across the HRM/HR technology/HR outsourcing industry now is the 23rd year of her solo practice, Bloom & Wallace. Known as the "Queen of HCM".

One response to “In Search Of HRM/HRMDS/HR Tech “Best” Practices”

  1. Bennie Reddin

    Given that Sam Cooke’s lyrics were prominent in a concert tonight, they do strike me as appropo just now. “It’s been a long…a long time coming, But I know a change gonna come…oh yes it will”

    The question is whether the change will come from some vendor offering, or from something else. I’m somewhat convinced that it’ll be “something else,” though I’m carefully considering the content and voice to be found for that message.

    Critical mass is emerging in the ideas that have brought open source communities together; I anticipate some significant new assemblies to expose themselves in the coming months because of this very difference between Cathedral & Bazaar…vendor & community.