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3 responses to “United Airlines – Redemption or More of the Usual”

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  2. dan

    the reality is that E+ seats generally don’t sell well, they’re largely a loyalty play (much like first class and their unlimited domestic upgrades). but upgrades to first are mainly a loyalty play for their 1K flyers, prem execs only get upgrades once in a blue moon.

    the bigger question is how much loyalty does E+ drive for the lower tiers of status (premier and premier exec)?

    united does run customer sat surveys and capture a loyalty score (NPS), and i would assume they regress those results against that NPS loyalty metric. if they measure economy plus as part of the surveys than they could figure out what statistical impact those seats have on loyalty from the surveys. the bigger question is do those seats have enough of an impact on loyalty to justify the loss in revenue?

    if they don’t measure E+ as part of their customer sat surveys, then it’s a decision that will be made on the bottom line and the bottom line alone. and we all know how that decision is gonna go.

  3. Dm22

    As a UA frontline employee, I can tell you that all decisions being made right now are being made by CO mgmt. So whether E+ stays or goes, you can thank them for it.