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Leading independent voice, analyst, end-user HRM business/delivery system strategy consultant, vendor HR technology/HRO business strategy/platform architecture/object model consultant, and thought leader across the HRM/HR technology/HR outsourcing industry now is the 23rd year of her solo practice, Bloom & Wallace. Known as the "Queen of HCM".

5 responses to “Is SHRM Listening?”

  1. William Rogers

    I tripped over your article. Great questions. I am not an HR professional and not a member of SHRM. However, you really caught my attention…

    I recently blogged about the need for Innovation in organizations during the 2010’s, particularly in Western countries. This was based on a lengthy discussion by The Economist October 9th edition headlined “Grow, Dammit, Grow!”. Short problem is that Western countries have bad, very bad, structural people issues for the next 50 years. Our only way out is intense innovation that drives productivity gains.

    Our HR folks need to be re-directed from tactical process into being the drivers of transformation of people into a strategic weapon for innovation. So, please figure out how to do that and then tell SHRM to tell, train, promote, award, and galvanize the rest of US companies to get going – quickly please. We just don’t have the time to wait.

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  3. rakesh

    “Why should struggling companies pay US corporate professional salaries for work that can be automated and/or moved to lower cost economies? ”

    Lower cost economies? this ridiculing nature that is inherent in you, is probably the reason why you should be going through such hardships, while the so called “lower cost economies” sail through them without much difficulty

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