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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

2 responses to “The New Face of Commerce; Local, Social and With a Unified Experience”

  1. SEO Seattle

    Very interesting article. You can’t blame Google for wanting to buy into business niche’s that are doing well. They already own nearly 80% of search, including Google Places local, which also shows reviews up front and center now. One thing for sure is that Google is an always moving target. It seems like every week now, there is a major algorithm change with Google.

  2. Diane Corriette

    Great article. As a professional who focuses on local health and wellness businesses in the UK this is great news for me! At least I know I am finally in an area of the internet that is a growing trend 🙂

    I have no doubt that if Google want in they will find a way – whether they buy something or make their own way. Their persistence gives me confidence that things are only going to get bigger and better