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One response to “Heroku Signals Wasn’t Working”

  1. Anonymous

    Great insight in this write up.

    However, you’re missing one important component in making the argument that “ might not be the next $1B business” — how sfdc licensing actually works.

    With any CRM license (Sales or Service Cloud) you get In most cases, you can build whatever app you want as long as it serves the user that is licensed. With Enterprise, it’s 25 apps — that’s a lot. With Unlimited Edition, it’s unlimited — that’s even better.

    Yes you can buy on it’s own, but most customers don’t do that. They start with CRM, understand how powerful is for building custom apps, and they buy more CRM licenses to serve larger user populations. This then gets reported to the street as “CRM growth”, when much is really driven by the platform. Until salesforce changes this license structure, it will be impossible to really gauge how is actually contributing.