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2 responses to “Shark Jumping at Dreamforce”

  1. Jeff Lionz


    I think your point on enough is enough with the silly guerilla tactics are timely and correct. It was great fun watching the Bernard Please come back to SFDC theater play out because Microsoft’s lame attempt deserved an appropriate response and boy did they get it. The thing I took away from this Dreamforce is that there really is a shift occurring in the tug-of-war between entrenched IT-based development and the new paradigm of cloud-based development and application delivery. At the end of the day as someone who lives in and uses SFDC all day, every day I want something that works, allows me to get my job done, and provides the flexibility and metrics necessary to determine am I doing alright?

    I’ve been in the CRM space for 28 years now I’ve touched and worked with most of the well-known CRM’s and forgive my bluntness but whether it was Brock Controls Pivotal, Siebel, or Oracle Sales, these products were terrible, costly, and took vast sums of consulting resources to configure, deploy and implement. Rarely did any of these products actually come close to delivering on their productivity promises let alone ROI claims which really upsets Salesforce competitors, especially Oracle.

    Will Salesforce always enjoy the kind of mass-adoption and user support that’s allowed the company to enjoy such phenomenal success and growth, I don’t know… if the company continues to listen to and respond to their customers, provide flexible and affordable approaches to using their suite of applications then way they have so far then they will enjoy the sustained loyalty of people like me. If they get greedy or become ambivalent like Siebel did then their fate will be just like all the other CRM wannabees but I don’t think that will happen. If we take Marc Benioff at his word, and I do, the importance of Dreamforce 2010 is that all of us in this so called CRM community actually can envision a choice of how application delivery can be now and in the future. I like what I saw and heard last week at Dreamforce though much of the announcements really were geared to developers and while that’s very important to the growth and adoption of Cloud-based application delivery keeping it affordable has to be top-of-mind and I hope the executives keep this in mind at every step they take.

  2. vinnie mirchandani

    Denis, my thoughts on MS from the conference- beyond the boomeranged marketing, they should be worried about a few other things..