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Leading independent voice, analyst, end-user HRM business/delivery system strategy consultant, vendor HR technology/HRO business strategy/platform architecture/object model consultant, and thought leader across the HRM/HR technology/HR outsourcing industry now is the 23rd year of her solo practice, Bloom & Wallace. Known as the "Queen of HCM".

3 responses to “Snowdons Of Yesteryear: History Is Repeating Itself”

  1. EJ

    As one who did a lot of heavy lifting for the mainframe/screen scraper era to the PeopleSoft HR 9.x era, and will likely still be professionally active when we look to transition to HR SaaS, I’m afraid you’re completely correct on this. It’s just a matter of time.

  2. Bob Warfield

    Naomi, great post as always. It fits well with Michael Krigsman’s post on whether Salesforce can maintain its “Mojo”.

    I think it can, because software that has the qualities you describe is inherently better able to manage the Complexity Debt that has befallen the Dinosaur Generation of Enterprise Software.

    I’ll be riffing on both your posts shortly!



  3. Tony Johnston

    Hi Naomi, interesting thoughts as ever. I just listened to your contributions on the Knowledge Infusion webinar and agree with your thoughts both here and there.

    Most of the discussion is about the big vendors/ big enterprises. I’d be interested if you had thoughts on how these changes will affect SME’s?