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3 responses to “Looking for Investment Management Tools”

  1. John Burgess

    With Quicken 2007 for Mac still running on Rosetta, it will not work in Lion, and Intuit has no plans to update it, so there are a lot of people looking for anything to manage our assets.

    I’ve looked into iBank – at least it doesn’t crash, and SEE Finance – it appears to support more investment types (like CDs) but I can’t really tell, because it crashes within a minute of my launching it. So neither of those is viable to me.

    I’m actually considering purchasing Quicken Premiere for WIndows, and running it under Parallels or VMware. It will probably do the best job of importing QIF, too.

    I will follow this thread to see if anyone else has another possibilities… and now back to my google search …

  2. John Burgess

    I just found MoneyDance – cross-platform; I think its written in Java. Imported from quicken with only a few “mistakes” — it interprets a few transaction types and splits differently than Quicken did, but with some simple edits all my account balances now match. It downloads from my financial institutions, but there are some things I haven’t figured out, having multiple accounts at the same place. Decent performance, nice built-in reports and graphs, but I couldn’t figure out how to sort on different columns.

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