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2 responses to “Prezi Dazzles: Live Recording of a Social Media Class”

  1. Zoli Radnai

    Hi, thanks for this nice post. Please allow me to add 3 facts that prove you can actually create a better presentation with Prezi beyond looking revolutionary and new:

    1. With Prezi you can see the big picture and the details easily, so you can make sure that the content of your presentation makes sense.
    2. Prezi’s spatial layout help you to convey message better, since our brain is wired to think large spaces rather then slides.
    3. As a presenter, you can avoid long boring monologues (death by bullet points), and encourage audience involvement by moving across the canvas.

    These are the most important advantages of using Prezi instead of slide tools.

  2. Will Foe

    I just wish that people would use the rotation much less as it rarely leverage communication. But I reckon that people always have to push the limits to the xtremes. I agree with @Zoli on the first 2 points while point three has nothing to to with the tool but how you choose to present. One thing I don’t like about Prezi is the bad support for rich media, which is the primary reason I’ve started using instead (+ 3GB free storage).