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2 responses to “Why Process Barfs on Social”

  1. What We Need is a Marriage of Business Process and Social Networking

    […] are several excerpts from a very insightful article by Bob Warfield, CEO of Helpstream, Why Process Barfs on Social: Enterprise 2.0’s biggest problem is it lacks Business Process for the most […]

  2. elpanda

    great post – i’ve been thinking about it some time, and when i was about to start writing my own blog post – i’ve decided to check if there is something that’s says ‘business process ffs’. great part of CRM implementations fails – and the bottom line in my opinion is – social media is all about customer relationships in one or another way – the nice buzzword try to cover it. passing ‘do the social media thing’ from one part of the company to the other won’t work – because almost every part of company has contact with client – they are process owners.