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C-Founder at Diginomica, Vice President EuroCloud UK, CEO of strategic consulting group Procullux Ventures.

One response to “Big in 2011: Curation and Consultation”

  1. Sarah

    Hi Phil,

    Have you had a chance yet to take a look at I have a feeling that if you haven’t taken a look already that you’ll find it interesting in the context that you speak of here.

    In case you haven’t heard of DataSift already I’ll fill you in, DataSift is a real time content curation engine bringing together social streams of data and enabling people to curate cross sections of data from multiple platforms using our rules engine and additional services to analyse the data such as Klout and PeerIndex to name just a couple.

    If you’ve not already signed up to our alpha program please do by going to

    We’d love to show you what this service can do and hope that it makes waves with you too!