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7 responses to “The Honeymoon Ends in Despair: The Sad Sad Case of Verizon Wireless”

  1. Sally Beaton

    I just hung up from Verizon, calling them to schedule having global services turned on for our upcoming trip to India. i did not know any of the above and was FURIOUS. I told her the only reason we have B’berries is for global travel, and now, thanks to Verizon, they are pretty much useless abroad. How astonishing that they would take a really good service and kill it. I told her it was the nail on the coffin for us and Verizon.

  2. Laurie Davison

    I hear you – I just hung up on Verizon as well. 200MB? they’ve got to be kidding.
    the funniest part is that the CDMA iPhone doesn’t even work in most countries.

    how sad. maybe waiting for iPhone 5 on T-Mobile is a great idea.

  3. Christopher Green

    Fortunately for everyone (and it used to be most of us, me included) I have a couple of great solutions to circumvent Verizon. I would be happy to discuss same with anyone who would like to halve their current cell phone bill, get superior NO Contract, NO Credit Check, and NO Deposit. It’s a five minute phone call that could be the answer to your issues. Christopher Green /, or 602.573.4157 / 719.481.9476.

  4. thomas leslie

    I too just hung up on Verizon. I bought the Droid Pro specifically to use the unlimited plan in Europe. And, like everyone else, I was shocked when I called to activate the plan and found out that it had been changed to cost about the same as a second mortgage. I did get the code to unlock the Pro and I’ll get a local SIM to use on my trip. I would love to know what happens when people who don’t know what questions to ask start getting their bills after using the data plan.

  5. Yar M

    In your case i think the best option would now be to switch back to AT&T, get some similar (UNLOCKED!) Android phone, or an iPhone and then you can use that phone anywhere in the world.

    I usually just buy a local plan in that country and use it as prepaid. Usually its a good deal.

    But having an unlocked phone is the best! you can use it with any GSM carrier, means you can use it everywhere in the world where they have a GSM network (mostly they run on that type of network)

    You can get a factory unlocked phone on eBay.

  6. Frank

    I had the same shocking experience with Verizon. I have been using their international data plan for three years with great results and fair pricing. When I called to switch on data for China (have Blackberry, planning to get iPhone) I was told the charges were now 2 cents per kilobyte. Since I normally use about 100 megs a month while traveling the Verizon rep told me it would be about $2,000. From $30 to $2,000? Unbelievable.

    What is perplexing is that all the expert columnists are ignoring this, instead focusing on the new Verizon iPhone “heaven.” Of course, the problem is not the iPhone, or is it?

  7. kman

    I agree with everyone. The only reason I switched to Verizon was for the Global Email plan. My entire family is with ATT. This truly sucks. They did not inform their customer base about the change in plans.