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Esteban Kolsky is the founder and principal of thinkJar, a Customer Strategy consulting and think tank organization helping vendors and user successfully become better, more open, and more collaborative organizations. More information about thinkJar

4 responses to “How Salesforce Missed their Golden Opportunity with Free Chatter”

  1. Enterprise apps, Lotusphere and the Hollywood era - News Today

    […] to reach? Even if which same assembly is sucked in won’t they only as fast consternation about the stipulations of the Chatter freebie? But afterwards there is the certain explanation to […]

  2. More than just another microblogging tool – tibbr

    […] but not every company will want to change all of their systems to this one company solution.   Salesforce just missed a big opportunity when they released a free version of Chatter.  If they planned to turn it in to a proper platform, […]

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