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One response to “1100-person company goes bust: IT failure or mismanagement?”

  1. Herb Weyers

    You are absolutely correct about American LaFrance. They’ve had a credibility problem since the mid-1970’s. They had a president then who lied to and cheated the fire service and current ownership is suffering the consequences. Just 12 hrs. ago, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance who indicated that one of their midwest warranty providers isn’t getting paid for work performed. Information such as this doesn’t just stop at this company’s doorstep. Frankly, a fire department would be ‘borderline suicidal’ to place an order with them, then wonder if indeed the unit will be built, let alone to what degree of quality. The young NYC lady with the large purse, Ms.Tilton, hasn’t helped their efforts with her continuing antics and erratic, bizarre behavior. The fire service isn’t a ‘dog and pony’ show, in case she’s interested in really learning of the playground that she’s matriculating in. Someone needs to put this company out of its continuing misery, once and for all, as it’s an embarrassment to the storied history of the fire service.