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  • What the Obama Tech Supper Gang Should Do About Jobs

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2 responses to “What the Obama Tech Supper Gang Should Do About Jobs”

  1. Dale B. Halling


    Great article good points about how new companies are the ones that create jobs (not small companies and certainly not large companies).

    However, why not repeal SOX? Yes, SOX was in response to Enron, Worldcom, etc. But there were already laws on the books that made Wordcom’s and Enron’s actions illegal. Did SOX stop Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie and Freddie? No. There is absolutely no evidence that SOX or any of the other securities regulations actually reduce fraud or increase investor return or reduce volatility. If you had an expensive Q&A program at one of your start-up companies that did not provide any of the desired benefits, but it was very expensive would you keep it around?

    SOX and the weakening of our patent system are the two biggest factors hurting technology start-ups. One inhibits the ability to raise financial capital and the other has reduce the value of intellectual capital for start-ups.

  2. Bob Warfield

    Dale, I’ve no objection at all to a repeal of SOX.

    I’m really just trying to offer up something in the spirit of compromise for the little guy, and to make the playing field more level from them. Towards that end, Washington is unlikely to blanket repeal many or even any of their treasured chestnuts. One can only hope that if they really care about creating jobs, they might consider bending rather than breaking a few things.