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Founder & CXO of Agile Elephant, a digital transformation consultancy and solutions provider. Head of D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting and Cloud based solutions for content, collaboration, web publishing, online accounting and ERP. Was director EuroCloud UK, chaired techUK's Software as a Service Group, now Chair of Cloud Industry Forum.

One response to “Living with iPad”

  1. Clinton

    I can’t agree more with you, yesterday a colleague and I had a bit of a chuckle about the 7″ tablets, what the heck are those for, they really don’t seem to be a viable technology for anything excpet maybe watching you tube videos and reading email. My Windows Mobile HD7 has so much real estate that it almost IS as big as a 7″ tablet but it fits in my pocket! The maps and navigation suck though and the geopositioning is awful, it takes ages to locate me on my GSM network and when it does it is usually off by at least 50 yards, not good! I loved the navigation on my Android G1 though it seemed waaaay better than these BING maps. So I guess it is no suprise the iPAD is a bit of a winner, it mashes up some of the best out there, I just find the navigation a bit annoying to work with but then I guess that’s what comes of not having one of my own and only ever using one when I borrow a colleagues for a demo!