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4 responses to “Why BankSimple Will Get My Business”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    Highway Robbery. Utterly ridiculous.

    “Read your contract” – is code for “we rip you off”. Any time my bank updates credit card T&C – and it happens quite often – they send a thick envelope with a 30-page booklet, in microscopic print… good luck figuring out what the changes are.

    I think you should name CurrentBank – they belong to a public Hall of Shame.

  2. Matthew

    Unfortunately I think that Bank Simple might be vaporware. I hope I’m wrong but their lack of transparency on progress makes me think they’re having trouble getting partnerships set up. I’m not sure if I should wait or go with Ally as the next best thing.

  3. Rage

    I love how either Sharmil or Josh (the founders of BankSimple) said the greatest innovation in banking over the last 30 years was a smaller font. It’s time for the era of “gotcha” banking to be gone.