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10 responses to “Google’s New Algorithm Puts Content in the Driver’s Seat”

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  2. kash

    Hi Bob

    Thanks for putting this very informative post here, I learned a lot about content specially for the startups when you wrote saying nothing does nothing.

  3. Chris

    While I agree that content should drive the search results, it appears that the new algorithm has also swept some innocent bystanders into the same category as the link farmers. My fiancee and I are running a blog for young couples, and it is small but growing, as we continuously strive to produce good content on a daily basis (we shoot for about 4-5 posts/week). I also work for a web development company, where we are constantly preaching to our clients the importance of good quality content, so I am totally behind the move to increase the importance of content.

    HOWEVER, our blog has not produced a huge volume of content yet (only about a month old), but it has been linked to by a handful of other, more successful blogs with similar target markets (because of our good content). This resulted in our site seeing a gradual increase in search results. According to Webmaster Tools, we had less than 10 impressions on 2/15, and by 3/3 we were getting about 200 impressions/day. Still minute, but clearly growing.

    Then, when Google changed their algorithm on 3/3, we saw our impressions plummet over the next two days. Our impressions on 3/5 were down to 110, almost 50% LESS than two days earlier (despite MORE content, mind you).

    While I fully support the “content is king” movement, I think that Google should have worked a little harder to make this new algorithm more accurate before putting it out there and crashing the rankings for legitimate sites.

  4. Bob Warfield

    Chris, its way too early to even tell if Google is at fault for your traffic drop off. 50% ups and downs are not necessarily remarkable. Take a look at the Compete graph I published for my site and the others. Lots of ups and downs!

    Content, itself, is extremely variable, article by article, in terms of what pulls and why. Sometimes you just hit the ball out of the park for no rhyme or reason.

    It could also be that the folks linking to you were labeled content farms by Google. If so, that would likely have a bearing on your ranking.

    In the end, as a small business owner, you WANT Google to get better at selecting good content. That’s something you can actually produce in interesting quantities at your scale. So keep plugging and give it time.



    1. Chris

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your response. I agree, I think that Google definitely has the right IDEA and I support the theory of what they are doing, but I’m not sure how well it was executed (yet).

      Here is a graph of my site traffic since we began the blog. I know you said that a 50% drop is normal, but based on the common trend of growing impressions, due to growing amounts of content on a new site, it is quite alarming the rate at which the fall-off occurred. Additionally, I’m not talking about a drop in visitors, I’m looking solely at search results impressions.

      You make a good point about sites that are linking to our blog being labeled as content farms – I see how that could have a negative affect, and helps possibly explain this dropoff.

      I don’t want to argue with you, because I DO think Google is moving in the right direction, but I just wanted to point out that they obviously have not perfected this algorithm yet, as it has had some collateral damage (though, I’m sure I’m the exception, not the norm).



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  8. Brett

    Google is killing my search engine ranking overnight, while a competitor of mine has a site that is not even up, there domain is expired, but google has placed them on page 1, while my site was on page one last week, and has now fallen to page 5 or 6. I have become so frustrated with this, it is absolutely insane. Someone please explain to me how on earth this could happen. I am about to just give up. I am so angry, right now.


  9. TAF


    i’m a blogger, i recently put my new blog on the internet and within one month period it got Top rank in Google even i was having very few back links, I was really surprised how could this be possible, its all the magic of google new Algorithm. Thanks Google..:)