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Global Vice President & Business Leader - Digital Experience & Marketing, Collaboration, Content and Social lines of business for HCL Technologies. He has led international teams and initiatives for large enterprises and leveraging digital technologies to create change, focused on enabling new client experiences, creating new customer markets, & fragmenting markets to destroy existing value chains, by working with clients to shift value within and across industries, change the nature of industry control points, & redefine how work is done.

One response to “Cloud & Outsourcing Service Providers”

  1. EnterpriseReader

    This article is close to impossible to understand. Grammar and spelling mistakes aside, there are no examples of real life scenarios to back up any of the claims, no names or historic references to companies or their cloud centric activities. No data to backup any of the forward projections. The terminology is a flood of hackneyed enterprise terms. A truly head in the clouds overview at 30,000 ft of an emerging industry.