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Owner, B2B Analysts, Inc. David has been working as an industry analyst in the enterprise applications area for more than 10 years, first as an analyst for Benchmarking Partners and now managing his own boutique analyst firm.

2 responses to “Workday and Hoover Dam: Valuing Cloud Companies”

  1. Mrinal Singh

    Valued points and well said, on the other hand we are trying to compare circles with Triangles, when people value Groupon they would not draw a comparison with workday rather there benchmark would be Facebook, twitter or something similar. In my opinion some VC’s love to follow the fad that is buzzing around out there…… even today with people vary of privacy issues we just have to see how well Facebook is able to monetize the user-base, which Google has been able to do with its search.

    Mrinal Singh

    twitter: mrinalasingh

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