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3 responses to “Is HR Really A Pink-Collared Ghetto?”

  1. Chris Bird

    First, let me agree that there is something wrong with the way that HR is staffed, but I think HR has many more flaws than that. First – we, the employees are people, not resources. So right away I think the point is missed.
    Second, it feels (and this fromn a not big enough sample, I admit), that HR exists to protect the backside of the corporation, and not to facilitate the environment for those in the workforce who generate actual, tangible value.
    Third, like many disciplines, HR has its own jargon. We in IT are often accised of talking in terms no one can understand – it feels the same way with the HR department. I am not an expert in hiring law, I am not an expert in health care administration… You get the point.
    Fourth, HR systems are designed for the minority of users, it seems. Who are the majority? The employees (and contractors). Who are they designed by? The HR department. So keying off the previous point, we have a group of people with their own jargon designing systems for use by people who don’t understand the jargon and who use the systems infrequently.
    The role is important the execution is manifestly horrible.

  2. Meg Bear

    Totally love this post and the point it is elevating. That said, this part struck me as worth a post all it’s own it is so fantastic.

    ” …they almost always add their own spin that elevates whatever they do to the first position.”

    well said!

    – Meg

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