Born in Norway, lived in Switzerland and Spain, now living in the south of France. Educated at ETH Zürich, Switzerland and INSEAD, France. Done multiple LBOs, founded a few companies and advised on Mergers & Acquisitions world wide. Now entirely focused on Enterprise Software and a radical break with all former how-to-run-your-business assumptions and systems architecture - distilled into a new solution named Thingamy. Spending time off running orienteering races, cycling, skiing and snowboarding.
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One response to “Software and the Complexity Excuse”

  1. Mark Levison

    As a Scrum Trainer I often see people talking about why their software is complex and difficult to change. Its almost always an excuse for “We didn’t spend the time up front to make it simple and now we’re paying the price”. There is real complexity in software development but the art of doing it well is to make the complex simple. Whether its at UI or the code level the problems remain the same.