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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

5 responses to “Social Business Solution Vendors”

  1. Guilherme

    Good list, Michael! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Stephen Rahal

    Hi Michael – don’t forget IGLOO Software, a community platform for building social intranets and social extranets. Under the above classification scheme, we fit under social software/enterprise collaboration & community management solutions for customer communities.

  3. Ben Farrell

    Hi, Michael – great idea to publish this list. “Social” is still a confusing term to many in the enterprise space. I hope you’ll take a look at Appian ( and add us to the list. Appian is a business process management software vendor with a huge jump-start on both social and mobile (not to mention cloud) BPM. Specifically regarding social, our opinion is that social in the enterprise must be strictly routed in the context of business events – both human and system – in order to deliver business value. Otherwise, you’ve just got another time-wasting platform for employees to make lunch plans, or discuss the latest movie they have seen. Appian uses a familiar Facebook-style interface to create personalized and subscribable event streams strictly in a business context. As importantly, user can not only view these business process events, but take action on them (collaborate, view underlying data, launch a process or case) directly from the interface. On the desktop or on any popular mobile device – iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android.
    Sorry for the long note. Would love to see Appian on your list.

  4. Sanket

    Dear Michael

    Just wanted to include sambaash 2.0 platform,

    Sambaash 2.0 platform combines social media, online communities and collaborative economy to enable business to create and nurture your own purpose built communities. sambaash is one of the up coming players in the Asian region…

  5. Tom

    Great piece, just one note, your table above seems to be a bit compacted and not formatted 100%, hard to see what is on the far right. Thanks.