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Industry Analyst, Consultant and author, former programmer, systems analyst with 25 years experience. Spent three years in Europe as an industry analyst and as Correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. Regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, and infrastructure companies. An award-winning columnist for leading IT and business magazines, Josh is widely quoted in the trade and business press and he blogs at Enterprise Matters.

4 responses to “Who’s the top innovator: SAP or Oracle? A customer’s query from SAP’s Sapphire User Conference”

  1. Rebecca

    You have been drinking too much SAP Kool-Aid to be half way objective when it comes to Oracle. I always know the direction your column will go in – Pro SAP and anti-Oracle. Surprise us one day and show some objectivity will you please?

    1. Josh Greenbaum

      You’ve obviously missed the point, so let me try to be more clear using your own language: SAP provides ample koolaid, Oracle does not, so when someone asks me to do a comparison, I can at a minimum enumerate what SAP is doing in the market, while Oracle has chosen to eschew openness. One could argue whether my examples are innovative or not (of course, that “one” wouldn’t be you, Rebecca, you prefer to just make your comments without the benefit of fact or analysis), but the fact remains that Oracle doesn’t deign to keep analysts like myself informed of what they are up to, and that handicaps them in the market. So, because you missed this point too, let me make it clear: objectivity requires some degree of equal access and equal information. I can’t compare the two companies because one of them won’t let me. Finally, I will sing Oracle’s praises when they do something praiseworthy AND they actually make the effort to tell me about it. So, keep reading and maybe we’ll both be surprised.

  2. KG

    This column is beyond nonsense. Comparing SAP with Oracle does not make sense anymore, given that Oracle is more like Microsoft and IBM in the enterprise space. And to indicate that HANA, mobile and on-demand, fusion applications or Exabase are innovations is back (or an enterprise IT manager) thinking.

    Watson, Google Instant, Kinect and the likes of innovations. And besides I would want companies to roll innovations into real products for real companies and real people, not talk incessantly.

  3. Kosin Huang

    Really interesting post. Innovation is a key differentiator for SAP — we have been very focused on making sure we continually deliver on that front, and in bite-sized chunks so customers can consume. Meanwhile, only now is Oracle’s Fusion become GA. I still recall when Charles Philips declared they were “Halfway to Fusion” back in Jan 2006! I guess the other half took an additional 5 years to complete.