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2 responses to “Analyzing The Real News Stories of Sapphire Now 2011, Part One: The Impact Of HANA”

  1. LB

    Interestingly enough in off the record conversations with a number of SAP employees, internally SAP appears to be split on HANA. Some employees see it as Hasso and Vishal baby with the company living or dying on its future. Questioning it could cost one job security.
    From a customer perspective I’ve no interest in HANA, seeing as nothing more than a overpriced proprietry hardware solution. The most inexpensive version offers 2x compression with little performance gain. Similar query speeds can be gained with hardware improvements that cost far less.

  2. Jon

    Thanks for the comment. Some of the dischord about HANA you are describing is what I was trying to capture in this piece, though obviously your experiences are different than mine. I do think in-memory is going to ultimately have a positive impact on enterprise applications (Workday being a well known example of a company that has gotten good reviews on their use of it), but who the “winners and losers” of that are going to be from a vendor perspective has yet to be determined. As for customer value, I’ve definitely talked to some SAP customers who are excited about HANA, some who are cautious but interested, and some who are more indifferent in that they are focused on other priorities right now.

    This is one of those stories I think where there’s only so much you can say about it now – in a couple years we’ll have a much clearer view.