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Leading independent voice, analyst, end-user HRM business/delivery system strategy consultant, vendor HR technology/HRO business strategy/platform architecture/object model consultant, and thought leader across the HRM/HR technology/HR outsourcing industry now is the 23rd year of her solo practice, Bloom & Wallace. Known as the "Queen of HCM".

2 responses to “Monaco To Paris With Twitterscope Up”

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    […] Monaco To Paris With Twitterscope UpEnterprise IrregularsYou'll have noticed that my last post went up on May 3rd, shortly after we left for two weeks vacation. Before I return to our regularly scheduled programming, to blogs on more or less professional topics, I wanted to say … […]

  2. Monaco Beaches Good for Vacation and Business Too |

    […] “Monaco to Paris with Twitterscope up” presents one blogger’s view of the second-smallest nation in the world, with an emphasis on the way in which technology has changed the old-style “disconnected from the world” vacation into one in which, no matter where you may go, and no matter how far from home you are, you’re still “hyper-connected.”  This doesn’t subtract any from the Monaco experience, however: “Great wines, cheeses, and ice cream seemed to top the menues on and off our boat, and we visited some wonderful villages and cities along the Rhone, but the best part of the trip (at least for me) was having quality time with people I love.  And that was in spite of doing a couple of hours online each morning and evening in order to stay on top of the never-ending stream of relevant industry news and ideas.” […]