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2 responses to “Evernote Celebrates Birthday by Joining the Billion Dollar Club (Really?)”

  1. Evernote Celebrates Birthday by Joining the Billion Dollar Club (Really?) – Enterprise Irregulars | Best Online Computers

    […] News Sources wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. Keith Bourne

    web clipping to Evernote on your iPad

    I know, total shameless plug, being one of the MemClip developers, but you may like to web clip on your PC/Mac to Evernote and want to try it on your iPad. If so, check out MemClip DOT com, which is an iPad only web clipping app that clips right to Evernote. It also jumps back and forth from Safari fairly easily, so that you can still use Safari as your main browser.

    We were just added to Evernote Trunk, are currently #79 for iPad productivity apps, and are climbing the charts quickly. Web clipping is alive and well on the iPad!