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6 responses to “Google: Stop the War on SEO and Get Some Better Algorithms”

  1. Jacqui Cooper

    I like the article, I even understood a lot of it! Not a criticsim just an acknowledgement that I’m not as tach savvy as the author. What I’d like to know is why, with the all supposed technical expertise Google has, they still can’t return consistent results? Would this in part be because black hat is so effective or because Google doesn’t account for the chaos that must surely operate in algorithms?

    As an example, I have a client who has 2 verified places pages for his 2 busines locations, he complains to me that his places page doesn’t show. It does as he’s getting click throughs from it but…………… I can search and Google shows no places pages for some queries. Whilst for others it does.

    I have to agree with sentiment ‘Computers don’t understand Language!’ but I think Google has become so huge its become arrogant and believes we can’t do without it. Maybe it should remember even the Roman Empire got crushed!

  2. Michael Martinez

    Google is passing search rankings data in a large percentage of its referrals now. There is no need to look further than that.

  3. Rich Eddy

    I don’t know how much of this article I agree with, but then again I’ve only been in the SEO game (and for me, it is a game, since I am not a pro) for a while. I don’t quite know why, but this whole SEO thing fascinates me!

  4. Alan Cliffe

    I think Google is always trying to improve its algorithms, recent changes, such as Author accreditation, and the Google plus button will carry more weight in time. Funnily enough I found this page through my testing of Google+, as a Google “spark.” As I write this comment Google+ is still in “testing,” but from what I have seen, the future of the quality of search is looking positive. Google is not at war with SEO, it is at war with irrelevant, non original, poor quality and spammy content, which doesn’t have a place in SEO.

  5. Adam Boston

    Totally agree with you Alan. I also found this post via the Google+ Sparks. It’s all about relevancy

  6. David Johnston

    I found it through spark as well. It’s a nice change of pace from the normal SEO articles Google has been feeding me.

    Anyway, my point is this, GET ON THE PLUS TRAIN ASAP. Get your potential market engaged with you early. Everyone who is in early will stay winning in the end. Look at Youtube. Back when people could SPAM youtube with fake views, comments, etc. many became huge. When Youtube got smart only new comers were defeated. Everyone else was grandfathered in. Same thing with Twitter follow spammers. Most of the so called celebs had marketing managers make them popular back in the day. Again, same thing happened with Facebook friend request spam. Not that the spam has stopped (just look at the twitter @ spamming and facebook image tagging), but those who become huge were able to stop spamming and keep growing as they had reached the point of critical mass or perpetual motion.

    Go through your contacts and organize them into circles. Post to the circles and share stuff those circles will be interested in. It’s going to be a good day for those who can do good person to person networking with value exchange. 🙂