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  • G+ : Twitter and Tumblr are Biggest Losers

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4 responses to “G+ : Twitter and Tumblr are Biggest Losers”

  1. Gregory Ciotti

    I honestly disagree here, mostly with Tumblr, although it remains to be seen how long Tumblr will maintain it’s rapid growth or how long it will last, I don’t understand why you would think G+ will be the undoing of a platform such as Tumblr.

    In my eyes the demographics for the two networks are entirely different, Tumblr will mostly likely maintain a far younger userbase than G+ in my opinion, and the blogging aspect of the platform just doesn’t seem threatened by G+, which thus far hasn’t shown to be much more than another status updating platform.

    Tumblr saw increased growth in spite of the Facebook/Twitter offering, so why would G+ be the one that bring this platform down?

    1. jeff nolan

      I had the same thought about the relative strength of Tumblr as a blogging vs. activity platform but then I started seeing long form G+ posts, and when combined with the well integrated photo and video sharing it pretty much levels the field. The rebranding and integration of enhanced Picasa and Blogger services as G+ offerings is another reason why Tumblr should be concerned.

      Tumblr as a network of blogs is a concept that has not reached it’s potential and while an asset for Tumblr the question remains as to whether or not it is a destination through which content is discovered. It’s a big issue and represents the strategic imperative facing the company IMO.

      Tumblr has been amazingly popular and if you track their growth in pageviews to Twitter’s growth (users, tweets) you see correlation. It’s nothing more than that but my thesis is that Tumblr has grown as a result of the limitations of Twitter and the unique design principles of Tumblr. Time will tell if I am right, wrong, or degrees of either.

      This is not a zero sum game, and services like Instagram and Posterous are great examples that demonstrate there is a lot of innovation yet to be had.

  2. mydaydream

    Tumblr is pretty unique in its own way. It’s neither second twitter nor any blogging platform. Tumblr has its own sense of sharing that can’t be described to those who haven’t used Tumblr, even better than Twitter. The facts on Tumblr are fun, interesting, enriched with nice opinions though it’s lack of real time news like in Twitter.

    And I believe there will not be any relationship between Tumblr & G+. Facebook may be affected but not Twitter & Tumblr.

  3. BrakDrak

    The thing about Tumblr is it gives users anonymity. G+ will never kill the masses of porn that flow through tumblogs. never.