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3 responses to “How vendors think about licenses: marginal price”

  1. Amelia @ IT Management

    For small to mid-size enterprises, allocating funds for IT spending — whether it’s software or hardware — can be a challenge. I think it is easier to make plans based on facts leaning towards the average and current data at hand.

    Also, vendors should be flexible enough in terms of budgeting to address the needs of customers. Software cost gets expensive in the long run especially if the business rules change every now and then.

    1. Dennis Moore

      Amelia –

      Great comment. The point I was trying to make is that vendors are often quite flexible, right up to the time when the contract is signed. At that point, many vendors take the view that changes to terms are not welcome, as memorializing such terms is the whole reason contracts exist.

      Nonetheless, as you rightly point out, vendors should offer customers a great deal of flexibility, in order to win and retain business.

      Thanks for a great comment!

      – Dennis