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CMO at SecureAuth Corporation. Previously VP Marketing at NowSecure, Knurld, Ping Identity, VP Business Develoment at Get Satisfaction, CEO at Teqlo and General Partner at SAP Ventures.

2 responses to “Reporting from the Echo Chamber”

  1. MJA

    Jeff Nolan. Right-wing knob.

  2. jeff nolan

    yep, that’s me… I’m so far right I have to look over my right shoulder to see left. On the other hand, maybe I see just a wee bit of hypocrisy in a President who ran up the national debt $3 trillion in 9 months talking like a deficit hawk (in next years budget, not right now).

    If Obama wants to rein in the deficit then cancel the rest of the stimulus spending ($400’ish billion) because it isn’t doing what it was originally sold to us on and won’t have a positive impact going forward either.