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CMO at Aimia, Advisor atBeringer Capital. Previously SVP Global Digital Marketing at SAP, Founder and CEO of Social Media Group. Maggie has been interviewed about social and digital trends by Inc. magazine, The Washington Post, CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CTV News and The Financial Post, among others.

3 responses to “Joining the Board of the Empire Club of Canada!”

  1. Naomi Bloom

    Way to go Maggie. Our paths may yet cross, but in the meantime, two potential speakers come to mine. Queen Noor of Jordan and Sandra Day O’Connor.

  2. maggiefox | Social Media Group

    @naomi – thanks, great suggestions!

  3. Vic Stapel

    Bravo on joining the club. I found it always interesting to listen to speeches by world renown think tanks or all works of life. But lately we only listen to politicians and celebs who don’t have much to say that is more then skin deep, in my opinion. And I admit it is not a modest one but then in 2011 where does modesty gets one?
    It is high time, especially for smaller countries like Canada, to listen to what the everyday woman/gentlemen has to say. I have worked and lived in 13 countries on four continents and living in Canada now for quite a while I feel more then ever that I have much to say. Especially looking across Canada and the border south. Speaking all the main languages of the American continent fluently one get to hear and understand much more then just in English. I feel the listener is enriched at any speech when as mine they are associate my pertinent visuals. Look out for my next short film it will tell and say a lot without one word
    all music and visuals only. Another way to get messages across borders. Peace and happiness to you