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CEO at Kahuna, a cross-channel marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to engage and convert consumers on the right device at the right time. Kahuna is trusted by modern digital products such as Dollar Shave Club, Yelp, GoPro and others. Prior to Kahuna, Sameer was SVP for Enterprise Social and Collaborative Software in SAP/ SuccessFactors cloud business unit. Sameer has been cited in publications such as CNBC Business, The New York Times, and Forbes on high performing organizations, leadership, and trends in enterprise software.

6 responses to “Dreamforce 2011: Collaboration Hardwired into Context.”

  1. Muzzammil Bambot, Convonix Inc

    This might probably be one of the most detailed and thorough articles that I have come across over the net. The concept of using social computing and collaboration are interesting ; but isn’t Enterprise 2.0 , social collaboration and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING one and the same concept. Social Marketing is a collaboration between the various dots that make up the social sphere over the internet.

    Social marketing need a human hand to monitor processes,so how would Salesforce help in acheiving this; a completely automated rule would destroy the idea of being “SOCIAL”

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  3. ilouie

    This is a very interesting article.

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