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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

7 responses to “The Three C’s of Social Business”

  1. Samir Ghosh

    How do Applications fit in? Business applications (SFA, CRM, ERP, MRM, etc.) often encompass those core business tasks running the business. Collaboration is required to handle the inevitable exception and ad hoc workflows that are not covered by these structured applications focused on known process efficiencies. Community is required for some collaboration, and content includes the resolutions of these collaborations, but they’re virtually all driven and made more meaningful when linked to the relevant business processes and objects… the Applications.

    Maybe consider “3 C’s + 1 A”?

  2. Joshua Dormont

    Your definition of collaboration really hits home with my own experience and understanding of the term. I would take it a step further – and address some of the questions Samir put forward – by saying that the applications should focus on addressing the business models from the 3-C model. SalesForce is a great example of this. By tying in the social element directly into the workflow, and honing in on both the networks of the prospects/customers as well as the staff, you have an artificially intelligent tool that is able to make associations and synergies in ways the earlier people-to-people models could. This is so important, and something I think only a handful of great content management systems are really focused on doing right now.

    More here:

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  4. Karl Goldfield - CA001

    This is a great post and really aligns with what we are trying to evangelize at Teambox.
    In business a community is a transparent model for those who can benefit from seeing workflow and content then aid in the collaboration of meeting goals.

    Your points are insightful and clear to the reader. THANKS!

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  6. Pawan Deshpande

    I’m always a fan of taking information and representing it in a visually engaging way, which is why your venn diagram for social business really stood out to me.

    Although I do think content is the most important of the 3 C’s, good content cannot be created without collaboration…and good content falls on deaf ears without community. The best way to gather exclusive, important and creative content is by utilizing the other portions of your diagram to make connections with the people who know what they’re talking about – thought leaders – in your and other fields. The community builds the content and that’s an important thing to remember.

    Pawan Deshpande
    CEO, HiveFire (creators of content curation solution Curata)

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