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4 responses to “Moneyball and NetSuite”

  1. Tom Foydel

    And don’t forget that Billy Beane is a director at NetSuite:

  2. Dennis Moore

    Lots of anachronisms in this otherwise enjoyable and plausible – if not quite accurate – movie.

    1. NetSuite logo all over Oakland A’s stadium.
    2. Oracle logo on the Warriors stadium.
    3. behind the plate (? not sure about whether this is too early).
    4. The song “The Show,” heavily featured in the movie, was released in 2008.
    5. The character of the stats geek was called “Google Boy” by the A’s coach in 2001.
    6. Jeremy Giambi was not signed for the 2002 season – he was already with the team before that.
    7. Billy Beane goes to the gate wit his daughter at the airport – maybe that was allowed for VIPs then, but I think not, since that was right after 9/11.

    Did NetSuite pay to have the logo displayed? If not, they are as cost-efficient as the movie makes Oakland out to be 😉 Nice post!

    — Dennis

  3. Dacey

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  4. Scott Grieve

    The fact that we see the Netsuite logo everywhere and the setting was back in 2002 means the producers and directors didn’t care about the realism of the movie and brings into question the kickbacks from Netsuite, especially considering Billy Beane is affiliated.