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VP Strategic Growth at Unifi Software. Previously VP positions at HP Vertica, Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, amongst others.

4 responses to “Chatter from (and About)”

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  2. Balakrishna Narasimhan

    I think comparing Chatter to Yammer misses the point a bit. There a few differences between Chatter and everything that has come before it: 1)Chatter is part of your enterprise apps and lets you collaborate in the context of what is happening in your business 2)Enterprise apps can chatter and spark conversations (sure there was RSS and alerts, but that’s like saying that Facebook isn’t anything new because you could email your friends) 3)Chatter is embedded in the platform meaning that every app is automatically chatterized. More thoughts at

  3. Chris Selland

    I agree with you that Chatter > Yammer – as I mentioned seems to have done a nice job of packaging this up and integrating into their platform.

    But Salesforce has set expectations very high – it remains to see what enterprise adoption looks like (and we’ve got quite some time to wait until we start to see it). Certainly in some knowledge-intensive markets – such as professional services – I’d expect it to be quite strong. But I’m not sold that mainstream adoption is going to automatically take off – ‘collaboration’ has been a killer enterprise app for about 15 of the last 0 years.

    Facebook has become powerful and popular because of the network effect – it’s not about technology, it’s about broad adoption. Same thing will – or won’t – happen here.

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