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3 responses to “New GMail Look Not So Helpful”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    To me anything but the “compact” density setting is just to much empty space, not enough information. But it gets worse: the new Gmail simply ignores your preference setting to display 100 threads – instead there are local pull down settings for sections of your screen, at least in “Priority” inbox setting .. but these max out at 50. Then good luck trying to page – I still don’t know how.

    Design over Function? Kinda ironic from the company that used to be famous for their no-design puritan functionality approach. Unless… this is all intentional, since Gmail has been suffering from major slowdowns lately (lately being 2-3 years).

  2. Sarah Price, Gmail Community Manager

    Hi Bob and Zoli, thanks for your feedback.

    Bob, have you tried any of the themes in the new look? Try them out and let me know:


  3. Bob Warfield

    Sarah, I gotta be honest, the themes don’t really help. They don’t particularly change the contrast issue, they just stick various colors or images into the background white space. This doesn’t help the key UI elements to “pop”, which is really the issue.

    As such, the themes are more about novelty or personalization than usability.