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Independent analyst and systems architect specializing in business process management and Enterprise 2.0. Previously founded two successful product and service companies focusing on content management, BPM and e-commerce. Featured conference speaker on BPM and its impact on business, and writes the Column 2 blog on BPM and Enterprise 2.0. All posts are © Sandy Kemsley.

2 responses to “What Analysts Need to Understand About Business Events”

  1. Bruce Silver

    Good post. One thing you didn’t explain is the multiple meanings of the word “event” in BPM: a) the thing that happens; b) the signal that something happened, perhaps based on correlation of multiple things that happened; and c) the actions triggered by that signal. Meaning a is a business concept. Business event technology and CEP are about meaning b. The event shape in BPMN is meaning c, the actions triggered. They are all related, obviously, but this is rarely discussed. In fact, these distinctions are fundamental but are not explained clearly in the BPMN spec. What got me roped into the BPMN 2.0 technical committee was a letter I wrote about this. (Despite numerous attempts on my part, they never fixed that part of the spec narrative anyway.)