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38 responses to “Is SAP HANA Right For You (Now)?”

  1. Jon Reed

    Dennis – this was the first HANA blog post I have seen that has attempted to realistically break down the HANA “calls to action” for just about every player in the SAP ecosystem, so kudos for that. I thought a lot of your advice here was also realistic in terms of the HANA capabilities that are available now which is really important to those trying to sift through the hype and make sure they are not left behind either.

    As you know from our G+ conversations, etc I am not in the “BW on HANA is a killer app” camp yet, but I do think there is a use case there that is well worth investigating, especially in cases where there are performance issues of the kind you are talking about. However I want to hear from more live customers before I issue any broad endorsements to dive in now. While I was extremely impressed by Red Bull’s quick move to BW on HANA (three weeks all-in), in my conversations with them I didn’t hear about the kinds of benefits to business users that Krigsman was raising questions about in your quote from him above.

    In Red Bull’s case, that was partially because they were already getting “good enough” performance for business users because of the Business Warehouse Accelerator. It’s also important to point out that in these early BW on HANA customer stories I’m hearing about, the BW on HANA system is running in parallel to their existing BW system, they are not yet ready to move to BW on HANA as their “BW system of record.” That’s understandable at this point and is in no way a criticism of SAP’s laudable progress in a short period of time. But in my view that pushes us back from “game changing” rhetoric and more into “let’s carefully explore this use case” mode.

    With that in mind, a couple comments on your closing comments:

    “Most SAP BW customers should begin planning or piloting an adoption of HANA soon.” I’m not sure I would put it that strongly. In my view, most BW customers should have a fresh look at BW performance with HANA in mind, and start to ask SAP the tough questions about BW and HANA roadmaps and ask to speak with BW-on-HANA reference customers to get a clearer idea of when the right time to make a move will be, or if it better to hold off until the product matures a bit more.

    “SAP consultants and integrators should expect a great deal of demand for SAP HANA skills both in the short- and long-term, and should begin preparing now.” I don’t agree with the short term aspect of this for consultants who aren’t working for the major HANA consulting partners. Those who are working for those partners should certainly start talking internally to those HANA teams to get a better idea of where the pockets of demand are going to be. If you’re a consultant not yet connected to an SAP HANA partner, I’d say the skills demand is not short-term but more medium term.

    That means it’s time to start learning as much as you can about the product and how it impacts the other areas of specialization you might have. In particular, smaller consultancies and individuals have to be careful about over-investing and leaping too soon, you have to time the demand right. As HANA grows, the larger integrators will have to subcontract more and the skills demand will intensify.

    In the HANA skills podcast I did with Vijay and Harald Reiter on, two SAP Mentors and key players in the HANA partner ecosystem, we got into some of those skills questions. Data modeling and expert SQL skills were a couple of the areas that not all “classic” SAP consultants will have at this point. So HANA will not necessarily be a seamless transition for all SAP folks, however I think you rightly point out that if you on the BW side of the SAP consulting world, it does make sense to start taking a very hard look at how HANA will impact your skill set. SAP itself will make its first HANA certification available in late November. Those who know me well are probably surprised to see me pushing SAP certification, however, I have always maintained certification can have some impact moving into new areas if you have deep relevant SAP experience in related areas.

    So while a person new to SAP might have trouble breaking into HANA with simply a HANA certification, for a seasoned BW person, a HANA certfiication might give them an edge breaking into these projects on the early side. And if you can get in early, you could be in for a multi-year ride on HANA projects. 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    – Jon

  2. oracle

    We already have Exadata…

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  5. Basha

    Hi sir,
    good morning.
    I completed MCA. I want to learn SAP_HANA so please suggest me
    1) what are the prerequisites to learn SAP_HANA?
    2) How the future with SAP-HANA?

    I,m waiting for your valuble responce

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Basha

    Hi sir,
    good morning.
    I completed MCA. I want to learn SAP_HANA so please suggest me
    1) what are the prerequisites to learn SAP_HANA?
    2) How the future with SAP-HANA?

    I,m waiting for your valuble responce

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Dennis Moore

      Basha –

      Good questions. Before learning about SAP HANA, you should of course understand the basics of databases (and operating systems). I would also recommend learning SAP BW if you are hoping to contribute in a BW/HANA environment.

      SAP sold over 160 million Euro of SAP HANA licenses in 2012, in just the few months (about half a year) that it was available. I would expect we will shortly see a version of Business Objects optimized for SAP HANA, and as well SAP Business Suite (at least ERP) running on SAP HANA –!/vsikka/statuses/162554739156987904 .

      Good luck!

      – Dennis

  7. Basha

    is it mandatory to learn sap-bw inorderto learn sap-hana?

  8. Pandiyan

    Where i can learn SAP HANA, any e-learning process available, Im from India,

  9. ANITA


  10. Vivek

    Hi Dennis,

    I am a BI Consultant with ABAP and BO skills. Should I need to go for HANA certification, does my previous experience help to persue my career in HANA . Would I be able to get more benifits if I have HANA skills than what I have now? In HANA there are 2 ie Technical consultant and Application consultant , what should I prefer? OR instead of HANA do I need to go for BO Data services? Lot of questions from my side…please guide me.

  11. Raj Kumar Singh

    Hi Dennis,

    I have five years of exp in Dot net technology and now I wanted to move in SAP BASIS.I have started to read SAP BASIS, now I wanted to know about HANA what is the role of HANA in SAP BASIS.please provide me tutorial .


  12. Mahesh B R

    Hi All,

    I have 3+ Experience in Mainframe , Now I am looking to move to SAP technology.
    While doing i found SAP HANA as hot cake.

    I require your valuable suggestions for my growth.

    Can i directly learn SAP HANA or its mandatory to have SAP BI/BW knowledge.

    How abt opportunities for me if i learn SAP HANA with a pilot project exp.

    Please suggest



  13. Shiv

    Hi Dennis ,
    Nice to see your Valuable suggestions , I am basically an ABAP Senior Consulatant , with Experience on BASIS for nearly 2 years . would like to get your suggestion whether I should get Transfered for SAP HANA . I just had a bit knowledge in SAP BI. Its that my ABAP can help on HANA .

  14. Wow

    SAP HANA Enteprise Edition 64GB RAM Unit by price – 160K EUR + 15% for Oracle.

    1 TB HANA EE cost = 2 560 000 EUR + 384 000 for DB = 2 944 000 EUR = 3 Millions Euro.

  15. Ajay

    Hi Dennis,
    I am really overwhelmed by your answers.
    Actually I am a datware house professional who has Informatica(ETL) and OBIEE(Reporting) experience with good amount of SQL and Pl/sql skills coupled with moderate Unix skills.
    My questions is,at this juncture If I move to SAP Hana,is this a clever move? and
    am I ok with the prerequisites part or should I learn more technologies other than just simply learning sap hana?
    Please answer my queries,as I am really looking for your valuable advice.

    Thanks in advance.


  16. Tejasvi

    Hi Dennis,

    I am having 6+ years for Experience in Mainframes in Telecom Domain.I am planning to switch my carrier to another technology which is having huge demand. I got some information SAP Hana is having the best in the industry now.

    Can you please let me know how the jobs and where to get training in india

  17. JIGAR

    Hi Dennis. .

    I have 3 years of .net experience. I decided to switch to SAP. Currently m learning SAP – BASIS. Also i had a plan to learn SAP – ABAP simultaneously. . I have been going through the details of SAP HANA also and it really seems to be interesting. If you can please guide me little bit. Which module would be more relevant to BASIS or which one would be more beneficial along with BASIS ? ? (ABAP OR HANA). . Is HANA more of a technical module or Functional ? ?

    Thanks a lot . . .


  18. mag

    Hi Dennis

    I completed my graduation in electronics and communications ,
    but later got into a technical recruiter job…as a recruiter i see that there is a good future in SAP HANA..
    i now want to get into a technical IT Field by learning Sap hana…

    I have a few questions…Please help me sort out

    1) as i see, most of the job descriptions require sap Business objects 4 exp for HANA is it better to learn sap BO first and then learn Hana? if so , what part of HANA Should i learn? should i learn all modules in hana?

    2) Or should i learn Sap BW first , and then learn i dont have exp with data warehousing , is learning SAP BW first mandatory?

    3) is there a chance to find a job in HANA with only BO knowledge and not with BW..
    if so what kind of job in hana should i target?

    Please help me with my queries , so that i can join some classes in the weekends ASAP.
    Looking forward for your help




    Mail me on if you want to get trained on SAP HANA ( Online).

  20. Ravi

    Hi, I am having 9 years of exp in mainframe tech and would like to change to SAP. I don’t have any knowledge on SAP.Please suggest me which is the best module. Can I learn BI with Hana without any knowledge of SAP.Does this module has good openings in the market? Plesae suggest me.thank You

  21. Manish

    Hi Dennis
    Could you please let me know if its a good choice to move from BO to hana, basically I have 4 years of Oracle DBA experience and then 2 years worked as support for SAP BO Data Services and now looking to move into BO or Basis. Please advice which would be a better choice BO/Basis or Hana. Thank you.

  22. Ranjit Kumar Sinha

    HI Denis, Need guidance for SAP HANA I have done Oracle,SQL long back but have not put in practice presently working in SAP business ByDesign suggest me whether I should concentrate on SAP HANA ?

  23. vasanth

    Dear Dennis

    This vasanth am working in SAP BASIS having 2 years exp i would like to switch over to SAP HANA .its related to BASIS and give suggestion for me.


    Vasantha kumar

  24. Sushanth

    Hello Dennis,

    I have a similar question. I am an ABAP Consultant and am planning to learn SAP Business Objects reporting. Do you think it would be good to learn HANA also along with it.



  25. Vedagiri Rao

    I am 3 + years of experience in SAP ABAP , Can I learn SAP Hana .
    Is it sufficient with ABAP knowledge or do I require any further skills
    Please Suggest.

  26. Gowri

    Dear Mr.Dennis i am working in Sales and Marketing.I am end user of crm.I have done Graduation and Mba in marketing I am interested to Move to sap.Can u guide me which is suitable module for me in Sap.Is its better to do certification or learn with any experienced perosn.

  27. SAP Basis Admin

    Thank you so much for this useful article.
    Also you can check the following sites for sap basis info.

  28. Venkat

    I am working as Basis consultant since 3 years i would like to switch to HANA could you please let me know do i need to learn SAP BW or can i continue with SAP HANA directly…