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Brian is one of the titans of the technology services arena with more than 25 years experience in the field, 10 of which were served as Senior Director of Andersen Consulting's (now Accenture's) global Software Intelligence unit.

2 responses to “(Humor) The Rosetta Stone of IT Industry Analysts”

  1. John Appleby

    Many a true word said in Jest, Brian.

    I am a newbie but recognised myself in some of your categories. And others in others. No doubt some will be offended that you shone a light in our eyes.

    I am interested in to what extent vendors consider this and treat analysts individually, rather than just broadcasting content and seeing what sticks. I am guessing this varies wildly from need for to vendor. I am also guessing that they won’t reply to this…

    By the way: I am not an analyst. That is a missing category indeed!

  2. Rachel Chalmers

    Missing category, in top left box (adds value, lets vendors coast): Sniper.

    That’s the condition I aspire to, although I suspect I’m just a Professor on the good days and a Snark on the bad.