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12 responses to “Wait Before Buying a Kindle Fire: WiFi Problems”

  1. Kindle Mad

    My wife and I love our new Kindle Fire. It’s lightweight, easy to use and has a great interface. The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app. We got our instructions from through google.

    It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device. I am one very happy Kindle owner!

  2. David Gearhart

    Same story here. I got the Kindle on the release date, and I couldn’t be happier. I use it at home on wifi and on airplane’s GoGoInternet wifi and couldn’t be happier. It does everything they described it would do.

  3. Bob Warfield

    Good news is I now have mine working too. Took a new router to do it, Amazon Tech Support couldn’t really help. No idea why the newer router works and the old one didn’t, but the old one was many years old. I’ll be writing more about the Kindle Fire in a future post. I like it a lot for certain things, but I like my iPad more for the majority of things I use a tablet for.

    1. Russell Pringle

      Bob, what type of router did you purchase? I have an old microsoft 4-port wired/wireless router and my wife kindle will not connect to it. My Ipad and dell laptop have no problems with connectivity.

  4. Mary Allen

    I have the new kindle fire, but not sure where to get wif can any one help me. thank you

  5. gail

    I just got a kindle fire.I have it registered & tried connecting to a network but I most be doing something wrong.I’m new to these so not sure I even know what I’m doing HELP

  6. Bob Warfield

    The router I puchased that worked with my Kindle Fire is a Linksys E2500.

  7. Rod J

    You spend $200 on a kindle fire plus more if you get a case or any other accessories and then you go out and pay for a new router? I got one word for you if you do that….sucker. My wife’s is not able to connect as well and guess what, it’s being sent back. Why should I buy a new router when other devices including other tablets can already connect? This is a big ball drop by Amazon and as far as I am concerned, they can keep this piece of crap and our money will be better well spent elsewhere.

  8. Bob Warfield

    Rod, I don’t necessarily disagree about the router. I did so because I wanted to be able to test software on the Kindle. I use an iPad myself most of the time and if I just wanted a pad for personal use I’d have returned the Kindle.



  9. Sheila D Mitchell

    To access WiFi on kindle fire: Tap the sprocket in the right corner next to the wifi signal and battery. A screen opens. Then tap Wi-Fi. You should then see a list of available wi-fi. Tap on any one that is not locked, Tap connect. Your kindle fire will attempt to connect. Mine normally connect every time. When your kindle fire is connected, it will read as such “connected’. You can also save these wi-fi hotspots.

    Hope this helps

  10. C Harrison

    I received a kindle from a friend…I immediately took the is that they had off and made it a pure Android tablet with the apps that I want and I love it now… my buddy now wants me to root his and put android ics on his

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