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SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development at Cornerstone OnDemand. Previously SVP Knowledge Infusion, Research Director, Yankee Group. Often quoted as an industry expert in human capital management, Jason's research has been featured in leading publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CIO magazine.

One response to “The Biggest Misperception in Talent Management”

  1. Brian Kauke

    I definitely agree that the death of talent management is greatly exaggerated. If you mention “talent management” and the first thing that comes to your mind is a tool like a technology platform – that’s a problem. The foundation of talent management is, and always will be, the people. The manager-employee relationship. Those companies that use this technology to improve relationships with employees and enhance their development will win. Those that purchase a system and hope it will run on auto-pilot to optimize their talent will be left out in the cold. It would be like a parent buying an Xbox or Wii to satisfy the leisure need of interactive play for their children. Yet they never play with them or engage in other fun activities to strengthen that parent/child bond. There are many components that make up a strong talent management system such as leadership engagement, accurate assessment tools and customized development plans to name a few. Technology vendors that are able to integrate these components and align with a company’s business strategy to offer a unified talent management solution will see a bright future ahead.