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One response to “CES 2012: Wrap up video”

  1. Nosgoth1979

    Is Microsoft still relevant? I would answer a resounding: Yes. Is Microsoft still relevant to CES, and is CES relevant to Microsoft…probably not. I couldn’t agree with your overall sentiments more though. This year’s CES was about evolution of existing technology rather than revolutionary technologies. That’s okay with me, we can’t reinvent the wheel every year right? I mean, I would have loved to have gotten a peek at the new generation of gaming consoles, but otherwise it was a great show. My favorite announcement was actually from my employer, DISH. I (like a lot of other customers) have been hoping that DISH would come out with a whole home DVR for a while now. It’s been the only thing missing in a great lineup of technology. And now that the Hopper is on the horizon, well, it looks to be a big evolutionary step in DVR technology. The PrimeTime Anytime feature is a intriguing concept. The ability to record the four major broadcast networks every night during primetime, automatically, while leaving two tuners free to record other programs is brilliant. I would estimate that’s going to resolve 75% or more of my scheduling conflicts right there.