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3 responses to “OMG: Skype Click to Call Breaks Excel so it can Only Paste Text?!??”

  1. Phil Holladay

    Wow. I had this exact problem just start a few days ago and luckily found out what to do on another board. I then googled “skype click to call bug with excel” and this is the only place talking about it? Nice work Skype!

  2. Bob Warfield

    Phil, it’s such an egregious problem you’ve gotta hope Skype has fixed it and auto-patched it out in the wild by now. If not, it sure seems like they’re creating increasing liability. People are no doubt out there today relying on spreadsheets that are wrong without knowing it because of this bug.



  3. Sumesh

    Unbelievable. i also encountered the same problem. Was not able to copy and paste from XL. Googled and found skype click to call maybe creating the problem. Uninstalled skype click to call and XL started working fine. Whats the linkage??!!!