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2 responses to “Naomi Bloom, one of the Top 10 Most Powerful HR Technology Experts”

  1. Neil Raden


    My favorite HR story:

    I had to switch from property and casualty actuary when we moved from NYC to St Louis (too any kids for NYC). I ended up in a pension and health benefits consultancy doing contribution, loss reserving and reinsurance for a few large self-insured companies we serviced. This was around 1982. I was bored to tears. There was an old Data General Nova 8-bit mini in the office that was never used. I asked my boss if it had a Fortran compiler (it did) and if was being used (it wasn’t). Since they had just come out, I asked if he would mind if I developed a 401(k) participant record-keeping system we could syndicate.

    So I did. My first customer was what was then McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing). As was the custom at the time, I took the Benefits Manager out to lunch, he had at least three drinks (also the custom in St Louis in the summer) and we went back to the office.

    I gave him my pitch, but he slept through half of it. When I stopped talking, he stirred awake and said, “That looks good , Neil, what do we do now?”

    “I need a census of all of your employees, broken down by sex,” I told him.

    He replied, “I don’t know if we have any of those, but we have quite a few broken down by alcohol.”


  2. Neil Raden