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Leading independent voice, analyst, end-user HRM business/delivery system strategy consultant, vendor HR technology/HRO business strategy/platform architecture/object model consultant, and thought leader across the HRM/HR technology/HR outsourcing industry now is the 23rd year of her solo practice, Bloom & Wallace. Known as the "Queen of HCM".

One response to “Making My Peace With Not Knowing / Following / Connecting / Clicking Through Etc.”

  1. Tom

    Hi Naomi,

    I share your pain. In the current global mentality, we might be deemed autistic, compulsory or downright obsessive. Quite probably we would be given pills against ADHD as well.
    The mere fact that you can let go, however, proves so otherwise. Yes, it’s ok to not know everything. It just annoys us because we have a hunger for knowledge and because we look for links and we take it as a failure when we are confronted with a fact in our domain which we knew nothing about.

    So, although you say that you will let go, I’m very curious if you, me, we, will be able to do so.

    “We” in this reaction, refers to anyone who is passionate about what she/he does.