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2 responses to “Once again into the breach…of trust: United Airlines manages to do it again”

  1. Alan Bergstrom

    unfortunately, your story is all too common. And United seems to be the culprit for a majorty of them since the merger wirh Continental. But, they are not alone. Even though Delta has spent millions on improving their customer experience, they still fall seriously short. American has publicly focused on enhancing the customer experience for the past two years–they are now in bankruptcy.
    The entire inductry suffers from a lack of real attention and comittment to improving the customer experience. Frankly, I think they don’t beleive it provides a significant difference to the bottomline–and they might be right. Having said that, Southwest does a good job because they have embedded customer service into their culture. Jet Blue is refocusing efforts on the customer experience and have made some gains.
    Bottomline, none of us should hold our breath for customer service to improve to the point that airlines, as a whole, are regarded as setting the standard for great customer experience. But, one can hope…

  2. Mark

    If Jeff had kept TRUE UA Apollo Reservation system with Tabs baggage system you would have had your bag delivered that same night. Jeff is running on the 1980’s CO computer reservation system Shares which in inferior to Apollo. I am a furlowed real UA agent and am sorry for the poor customer service you received. I’m from the old school of customer service where the customer is number 1, but the company decided that custimer service is not that inportant:( Again I am sorry….