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2 responses to “Lytro camera: A photographer’s analysis”

  1. Clemence Emmanuel

    If this camera is obviously not suitable for the point & shoot people market, there might be interesting uses for the lytro camera in the macroscopic photograhy world.
    Photographers that try to render materials details, tiny creatures or jewels like a wedding ring or a luxury watch DO know how much focus is a burden concern.
    Lytro could bring them an extended depth of field at a low cost, only possible today through multiframe synthetic photography (check wiki link here for more : )

    Depending on the luminosity & acquisition speed of the Lytro device, it could therfore allow amateur experts (like me) or packshot professionnals to make it possible to optimize profitability of their pictures creation, letting the former access pro-quality pics without huge investment & the latter reduce their expenses on high cost top-notch macro equipment such as photo chamber with adjustable focal plan.
    There is a real market for these pictures, mainly for commercials but also for artistic projects.
    Question is : Will the lytro free-focus system deliver an interface allowing to go throuh efficient post production & synthetic photography or not ? Raw pictures delivered by modern Digital SLR recreated a digital negative that made photographers life much easier & cheaper.

    On the other hand, scientist working on 3D perception or physical measurements might find Lytro usefull to examine complex subjects with 2 cameras (or more) converging on the same point, provided -once again- the interface & data format could be easily exploited by post production system or a supercalculator…
    To conclude about business potential, entrepreneurs teach us that innovative technologies such as this one can lead to business success provided customer added value becomes an evidence (like apple did) for them… Good luck to this project !
    There might still be some work for lytro to target its market…

  2. Jon

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