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VP Strategic Growth at Unifi Software. Previously VP positions at HP Vertica, Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, amongst others.

One response to “Bullish on the Valley View”

  1. Dividist

    I’m of a mind that the best thing that can happen is for us to wind up with a divided government. With luck, DC will tie itself in knots and do as little harm as possible while the innovation economy takes over and drives the growth that we so desperately need.”

    I could not agree more. Nicely said Chris. I’ve been blogging about the virtues of a divided government voting heuristic for the last six years for much of the reason you outline here.

    Anyway, this is just a courtesy comment to let you know I’ve linked to this post in my latest compilation of articles and posts on the subject of divided government. And welcome to the Coalition of the Divided.