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Well-known CRM analyst and thought leader, Denis has made contributions to our thinking about cloud computing, CRM, social media, analytics and mobility. He runs the Beagle Research Group, LLC and is the author of "Solve for the Customer", "You Can't Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It", and recently, "The Age of Sustainability". He frequently contributes to this and other outlets. Check out, and

One response to “People As Part Of A CRM Ecosystem”

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    […] People As Part Of A CRM Ecosystem By: Denis Pombriant (@DenisPombriant) Denis defines the biological terms referring to an ecosystem and stresses the importance of building business relationships with mutualism and commensalism. Mutualism benefits both species in an association; commensalism reflects a relationship between two species (plant, animal, fungus, etc.) in which one lives with, on, or in another without damage to either. Source: Enterprise Irregulars […]